Monistat vs. Smashbox - Primer 

Monistat Chafing Cream used as a primer? What.  Yeah – my thoughts exactly.  I have watched numerous YouTube makeup tutorials, and Monistat is being used as a primer.  I fell in love with Smashbox Photo Finish Primer when I received a sample from Sephora.  BUT spending $36 for one ounce can get expensive.   

So, my first attempt to buy the “primer” was not successful.  I guess everyone knows about this little beauty secret, and Target was sold out.  I was finally able to purchase it, and I was a little nervous buying it.  Why aren't there self checkouts at Target?! 

Monistat has a powdery texture, and goes on smooth.  I do use a moisturizer before applying the primer, and my foundation lasts all day.  This is probably one of the best beauty buys I have ever tried.  The best part is it only costs around $6.  

Both Smashbox, and Monistat have the same ingredient - dimethicone.  I haven't broken out, and I have sensitive skin.  

Final result - I no longer purchase the higher end brand.  

P.S. Good luck finding it - it's always sold out.

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