More Braids

Side Braid 

Since the messy braid, and pony look received a lot of compliments, I decided to try a different style of braid. I parted my hair to the side, and gathered a small section. I separated my hair into three sections, and started braiding. I pinned that braid off to the side, and then separated my hair that was not braided into three sections.  I took my small braid, and started braiding that into the larger section. It was very easy, and took less than five minutes.  

love, p&c 


Braid + Messy Pony

Easy morning hair

This morning, well majority of my mornings, I played beat the clock.  I didn't have time to do much with my hair, so I decided to braid two pieces into a messy pony.  It took less than five minutes, and I have gotten a lot of compliments today.  Something so simple, and easy!

love, p&c 

Garnier BB Cream

BB Cream - Review

I pass this BB cream every time I visit Target, and I finally broke down and purchased it. I have heard the rave reviews on BB creams, but never really understood why. Until now. Why haven't I purchased this before? I am in love with Garnier BB Cream!  BB cream - or blemish balm, has been around for about fifty years. You don't have to apply sunscreen, primer, and foundation, this is everything you could dream of in one tube. A small miracle all for around $12.  It's light, and doesn't feel greasy - and I love the glow I have wearing this.  This cream has vitamin C, antioxidants, and helps with dry skin. You can apply this with a foundation brush, and complete the look with a setting powder. I recommend e.l.f. High Definition Powder in translucent.  

love, p&c