e.l.f. Studio Blush

Giddy Gold Review

I love e.l.f. makeup. It's inexpensive - not cheap, and can be compared to a lot of high end brands - NARS. Target is always sold out of e.l.f., so I decided to do some online shopping. Blush is something that I am obsessed with. Most of my blush is pink, pink, and pink. I decided since summer is around the corner to try something a little different. So, I decided to buy Giddy Gold. When my package of goodies arrived from e.l.f., I didn't know what to think of the shade. I tossed it into my new makeup bin, and finally tried it this morning. I am in love. You can use this as a highlighter, or create a nice dewy glow. I love the gold shimmer, and will defiantly look nice with a golden tan! The price is kind of amazing too - $3! 

xoxo, p&c


  1. I've never tried e.l.f. blush, but I LOVE their powder brush. I've been on a blush kick lately too!

    1. I love e.l.f. - their blush is very similar to NARS! :)

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