Mixing Prints

I am a big fan of mixing prints. It doesn't look uniform, and creates a fun style. You can use this to transition clothing from summer to fall, or winter into spring. From floral with leopard print, or floral with stripes you can create a lot of effortless looks. 

There are a few rules guidelines that I like to follow when mixing prints.
  1. Mix a bold pattern with something that will balance it. 
  2. Create a look that doesn't look like you are trying too hard.
  3. Make it fun, and be creative! 

Prada Bow Flats | H&M Floral Pants | Sweater Forver21

xoxo, p&c


  1. 4 things I like about this post:
    1. So true about not looking like you're trying too hard!
    2. I love mixing patterns (like stripes & florals)--fun & a bit challenging.
    3. Love how you use that cross-out mark in your posts!
    4. Love how you're wearing F21 and H&M--affordable. (prada shoes--not so much in the affordable range but cute!)

  2. LOVE the blue of that sweater...so wearable but so edgy!

    Just so you know...I nominated you and your lovely blog for The Liebster Award! Check out all the details here: http://asliceofmeg.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/the-liebster-awards-ive-been-nominated.html#more

  3. Love your blog.

    Check out mine: SHOEAHOLICANDMORE. Thanks!