Home Gym

Spending $70 a month for two gym memberships was getting too be a little much. I really don't have time for the gym, and I prefer to run outside than on a treadmill. PLUS I would rather save that $70 a month, and put it towards other things - mostly hot yoga classes. Since I am pregnant, and cannot do hot yoga, I decided to start my own home gym. So, I have the basics.

  1. Yoga Matt
  2. Prenatal/Post Natal Yoga DVDs 
  3. Resistant Bands
  4. Yoga Block
  5. Free weights - and a pair for running
  6. Ankle weights
  7. Stability Ball

I would like to get a jump rope, a kettlebell, and a bosu ball. Sometimes I really miss having my gym membership, but in reality there really isn't a lot of time right now. Plus Pinterest really has a lot of good home workouts, where you don't need a gym membership! 

xoxo, p&c 

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