Good bye, 2013! Hello, 2014!

So, where do I even begin? I started this blog in December 2012, and I didn't even think I would have so many followers! I really appreciate everyone's comments, and love! It really means a lot. I love blogging, I really enjoy writing. My blog ranges from beauty reviews, to some fashion, and food! I love to cook, but not really that big on baking. 

2013 has been a really great year. It started off a little hard, I had a loss in March, had time to reflect, and try again. Sometimes the best things in life, are being alone, reflecting on what YOU really want out of life, and moving forward. Sometimes it takes failure, but you should pick yourself up, and keep trying. That sometimes sounds easier said than done, but I really have felt like this year has been really positive. I became super healthy, ran a 5K - something I never thought I would ever do. I decided to challenge myself in May by doing a Whole30 Challenge, and the best part was seeing results! I found a way to release my stress by doing lots of yoga, and running. I feel that's where my head becomes clear, and I can really focus. I think it takes time to figure out your life, and not everyone is perfect, or has the perfect life. BUT I really think that you should make the best of what you have, and enjoy it. 

Right after completing the Whole 30 challenge, I got pregnant, and we are welcoming the new baby March 1, 2014! We decided not to find out what we are having. At first it was easy, but now that the countdown has started, I REALLY WANT TO KNOW! 

Can't wait to offer more foodie stuff, beauty reviews, and whatever else I figure out that I enjoy! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2014!

xoxo, stephanie 

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