Dino Planter

It's Sunday, and cold. Today is the perfect day to do some crafty things. I love succulents, and dinosaurs. So, after seeing this craft on Pinterest, I decided to make my own. The hardest part was talking my daughter into letting my have a dinosaur - TO CUT OPEN. But, after her seeing it being sprayed with pink spray paint, it made it all better.

What you will need:

  • dinosaur - we got ours from the dollar bin at Target
  • spray paint - any color you want
  • succulent plant 
  • knife
  • newspaper 
  • soil - we use the cactus soil for succulent planting
  • total time two hours 


  1. Find the most hollow spot on the dino - this was closer to the tail, and measure how big you want to make your cut for the succulent. The succulent we had wasn't very big, so it worked out well for the planter
  2. Slowly, and carefully cut open the dino. 
  3. Once you have the hole cut out, you are now able to spray paint.
  4. This was something that we did outside on newspaper.
  5. Apply one coat, and let dry, and then apply a second coat.
  6. After the dino is done drying you are now able to add your soil, and succulent!
  7. Love! 

xoxo, p&c 


  1. I love love love this! I'm like a 5 year old boy when it comes to all things dino!

  2. Thank you! It was really easy to make!

  3. Aw, this is such a cute idea! A pink dino, I would never think of it, thanks girls ♥

  4. What an adorable idea! I love succulents, they are so cute!