Easy Braided Top Knot

I love trying different braids in my hair. Since I don't wash my hair on a regular basis - I only wash my hair twice a week - I try to do different styles to keep my hair out of my face. So, I decided to try a top knot braid.

  • Two ponytail holders
  • Hair brush
  • Bobby Pins
  • Hair Spray
First, I brushed my hair back into a high pony, and then hair sprayed the pony tail. Next, I started to braid the pony, and then tied the end. Take the braided pony and start wrapping it around the top of the main pony, and bobby pin it into place. It might take a few attempts to get it wrapped right, but you can mess around with it until it fits what you want. Total time - less than five minutes. 

xoxo, p&c 

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  1. Wow that bun looks really cute. I have to wait until my hair get longer and defo try this out. I really like your blog. you have a new follower here. It would mean a lot to me if you can also check my blog out :) xx