Re-Growing Green Onions From Scraps

If you are looking for something super easy to do - try re-growing green onions from scraps. This would be a really fun project to do with your toddler too! I started the project Sunday evening, and last night when I came home from work they sprouted!

What you will need:

  • green onions
  • jar
  • paper towel
  • water
  • scissors
  1. After you have used your green onions, save the bottom white portion of the onion with the root. Trim off any green onion that is left with the scissors.
  2. Take your jar - I used one of my Ball canning jars, and add a paper towel to the bottom of the jar. This will give your green onions some support.
  3. Add water to the jar, and place the green onions on top of the paper towel.
  4. Put in the sun, and watch them grow! Make sure you water.
  5. Once they start growing, you can just trim off any green onion you will need to cook.

xoxo, p&c 

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