Let's Get Crafty - T-Shirt Yarn

Give me all your used t-shirts!! Sike. I just went through the donation pile of my hubby's old t-shirts, and decided to make t-shirt yarn (minus the pink t-shirt yarn)! After reading a few blogs, and watching a really good video on how-to, I decided to cut up some t's. There are SO MANY things you can do with t-shirt yarn. Jewelry, rugs, baskets, headbands, pillows, and so many other things.

It was a snow day in Northern Virginia today, so it was a perfect day for coffee and crafts. I really want to make an upcycle rug from old t-shirts. T-shirt yarn is the perfect craft to do on a day you can't do much outside, and it's really easy. All you need are old t's, and scissors. It takes about ten minutes per t-shirt to cut, and roll into a yarn ball.

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