Container Gardening

It's almost that time to start planting! I started my seeds this year indoors in egg carton gardens, and they are doing really well! 

This year I am doing container gardening instead of planting my veggies in the ground. I purchased GMO free seeds, and will be planting my sprouts in organic soil. After reading about all the toxins in Miracle Grow, it would be pointless to plant GMO free veggies in GMO soil. After doing some research I found Hoffman Organic Soil. This is what I used when I started my egg carton gardens. 

I am growing a variety of veggies this year - beets, radishes, kale, herbs, carrots, peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes are just a few. I did some research on what veggies grow really well in containers, and then purchased my seeds. I really recommend buying GMO free seeds from seedsnow.com, and urbangardenseeds.com. 

I decided to plant flowers in the ground this year!

Today I checked  on my seeds, and the sunflowers, poppies, and kale have sprouted. I also planted beets, and radishes! 

xoxo, p&c

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