Fitness Journey - Post Baby Body

So, it's that time! I wanted to do a blog post - or posts, on my journey to post baby body. When I was pregnant with my daughter I gained a lot of weight. I enjoyed pregnancy a little too much. My last weigh in at the doctors was 205 pounds, and my total weight gain was 63 pounds. Yikes. It took nine months get to my pre-pregnancy weight, and then I got lazy. I had to work really hard to even get there. I did Weight Watchers, and got a personal trainer. That's when I read about Paleo in 2013, and started to slowly follow that lifestyle change. I did the Whole30 Challenge May 2013, and my total weight loss after my daughter was 95 pounds. I didn't want to do Paleo for the weight loss, but more for the healthy eating. After you read all the crap you put into your body, and how it harms you, Paleo just seems like the best option.

This pregnancy was very different. I started off doing Paleo, but that was very hard to maintain in the first trimester. All I wanted was pizza, hamburgers, really bad food. My morning sickness was the worst, and staying awake was even harder. The second, and third trimester was a little easier. I stayed really active this pregnancy, and chasing around a toddler did help! I tried to start Paleo the beginning of 2014, but it didn't work. Not stressing about it either, but I have maintained a mostly Paleo lifestyle.

Seven Days Post Baby

Now that I know what works for my body, I wanted to share my fitness journey. I cannot wait to get back into yoga, and lots of running!

Starting Weight: 120 lbs.
Ending Weight: 161.8 lbs.

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