Maybelline The Buffs - Review

Choosing a nude lipstick scares me. I have tried the look before, and I feel like it failed. When I say failed, it made me look like I had no lips. Maybelline has a new line of nude lip colors called The Buffs, and I was very intrigued. I didn't want to try anything too light for fear of it washing me out. The Buffs got really good reviews, so I felt like I couldn't go wrong. The last time I tried the nude lip trend, I used a matte lipstick. This just did not work for me. You would think choosing a nude lipstick wouldn't be as challenging as finding the perfect red. Nope. This time, I decided to try something with a glossy moisturizing finish.

Nude Lust caught my eye. It wasn't too light, or too dark. I felt like I should try something a shade lighter just in case Nude Lust washed me out. So, I purchased Blushing Beige, this is one shade lighter than Nude Lust. I really love both colors, but Nude Lust is my favorite. The Buffs are perfect, and I have zero complaints. They are very moisturizing, and go on very easily.

What's your favorite nude lip color?

Left Nude Lust | Right Blushing Beige 

Left Nude Lust | Right Blushing Beige

Left Nude Lust | Right Blushing Beige

xoxo, p&c 


  1. As soon as I saw these, I knew I had to try them. I actually found that I really liked the darker shades much better on me. Glad you found some shades of nude that work for you!

    1. I love them! What dark shade do you recommend? I would like try it out :)

    2. Espresso Exposed is the darkest one and is a bit vampy but I really like that it's got a deep cherry red tone it. Untainted Spice isn't as dark but it also has some red tones to it.