Week One Whole30

Last Sunday (March 9th) I decided to start round two of Whole30, and I wanted to show my journey to post baby body! So, I went to Wegman's and stocked up on all my groceries for the next two weeks. This included lots of bacon, eggs, sweet potatoes, veggies, and fruit. I am trying to mix up my meals by not just eating eggs, and bacon for breakfast. I love the Whole30 version of cereal!

Since the most I can do right now is walk, I decided to start walking the local mall. The walk is about 1.20 miles, so I feel like pushing a jogger is a great workout to start off with right now. Weighing myself for the next 30 days is out, so I decided to document my weight loss by taking weekly pictures - oh and what I eat daily :)

I track my distance using Map My Run - even though I am not running, and I absolutely love my Polar watch. If you don't have one I highly recommend getting one. I bought the basic watch on Amazon.com, and LOVE it. Ankle weights are great to own too! I wear mine daily around the house, and my legs burn at the end of the day. I found them at Target, and they weren't pricey.

Left: March 9, 2014 | Right March 16, 2014 

xoxo, p&c