BluePrintJuice | Review

Delicious, and refreshing. I love BluePrintJuice! I guess juicing is all the craze right now, and after completing my second Whole30, I decided to try a few of the juices. The first one that I started off with was the kale, apple, ginger, romaine, spinach, cucumber, celery, parsley, and lemon cold pressed juice. Before taking the first sip, I didn't know what to expect. All those fruits, and veggies into one 16oz. bottle?! Six pounds of fruit, and veggies to be exact. I braced myself for something horrible, and me to gag. Surprisingly it was really good! I have replaced a few meals with a juice, but it can get kind of pricey. They run about $9 a bottle at Wegman's depending on the flavor. You can also subscribe, and do the cleanse on their website, and have the product sent to your home.

These juices are cold pressed, 100% raw, and organic.

I also tried the lime, ginger, lemon, and agave. This one tasted like lemonade, and was really refreshing after doing a 5k walk!

xoxo, p&c

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