Country Life Maxi-Hair | Review

Now that spring is here, and I am working out a lot more, I cannot wash my hair twice a week anymore. I have started to wash my hair daily, and to maintain the growth I started to take a multivitamin. Country Life Maxi-Hair multivitamins are really the best! My nails have grown so fast, and don't break. My hair seems to be growing a lot faster, and it feels thicker. I can't really say if it's helping my skin - I really don't break out. I take one vitamin in the morning, and one before bed. They are kind of big pills, so I have to chug a lot of water to get them down. I really recommend buying them, and they aren't bad for the price - $14.29 at www.vine.com, and they are gluten-free!

xoxo, p&c

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