Whole30 - Week Four & Completed

So, I completed my second Whole30 challenge!! I started Paleo 100% March 1, and decided to do the challenge March 9th. I feel really good, and really don't want to reintroduce anything back into my diet. I feel like dairy, and wheat really make me bloated. My starting weight was 149.8, and my ending weight was 140.8. My skin looks really good too!

My last day of Whole30 I went to Wegman's and stocked up on more food, and plan on continuing Paleo. I am thinking about doing the Whole30 challenge again soon!

Left March 9, 2014 || Right April 8, 2014
xoxo, p&c 


  1. Oh wow! What a transformation. You should read my blog. I started the Paleo diet the beginning of April. It is kinda hard for me but I definitley learned a lot. I tweeked the diet just a bit to make it more sustainable for me :) Glad to see its working for you.

    Check me out!


    1. Thank you!! Love your blog! I am having a hard time following other blogs right now with blogger, are you having the same problem?

  2. Wow that is great, I have definitely been exercising more lately and trying to eat better to get in shape for the new season. Have a great weekend.


    1. Thank you!! Sometimes getting motivated to workout is hard, but once you start it's the best! Have a great day!! :)