Sweet Potatoes | Baby Food

Sweet potatoes are so yummy, and really good for you too!

Another baby food recipe I made over the weekend was sweet potato puree. So easy to make!

I used four sweet potatoes for this recipe, but the other was used in my apples & sweet potato recipe :)
Sweet Potatoes Puree
  • four sweet potatoes   
  • bake at 375 for about 45 minutes - or until soft (I stuck a fork in the middle to check for softness)
  • let cool
  • remove skin from the sweet potato
  • add sweet potatoes to blender or food processor
  • add water - I did not measure, but added a little at a time until I had the desired consistency that I wanted
  • pour mixture into trays, and cover with plastic wrap
  • freeze
  • remove food from trays, and place into labeled freezer bags


xoxo, p&c


Baby Food - Apples & Sweet Potatoes

I am so excited to try make Jackson his own baby food! Making baby food is so easy, and fun to make. You can get really creative with the mixtures too. Over the weekend I made apples, apples and sweet potatoes, and just regular sweet potatoes. I really don't want to buy baby food, when I can make it at home. Even though Jackson won't be able to eat this for another month, I figured I would start making it now. You can make it, and store in the freezer for about four months. Plus, this will work well with our paleo lifestyle!

The best part is you don't really need some crazy baby food making machine. When I had my daughter Charlotte I was given the Baby Bullet, and I used that to make smoothies. You also don't need to invest in crazy trays for the food. I used an ice tray, poured the food, froze, and then removed the food. I am storing the food in individual labeled freezer bags. The baby bullet did come with a tray too that I am using, but I really like the ice cube tray better.

Apple Puree Baby Food
  • four medium sized apples
  • bake at 375 for about 45 minutes - or until soft (I stuck a fork in the middle to check for softness)
  • let cool
  • remove skin
  • cut the apple around the core
  • add apples to blender or food processor
  • add water - I did not measure, but added a little at a time until I had the desired consistency that I wanted
  • pour mixture into trays, and cover with plastic wrap
  • freeze
  • remove food from trays, and place into labeled freezer bags


Sweet Potatoes & Apples
  • two medium sized apples
  • one sweet potato
  • bake at 375 for about 45 minutes - or until soft (I stuck a fork in the middle to check for softness)
  • let cool
  • remove skin from apples, and sweet potato
  • cut the apple around the core
  • add apples, and sweet potato to blender or food processor
  • add water - I did not measure, but added a little at a time until I had the desired consistency that I wanted
  • pour mixture into trays, and cover with plastic wrap
  • freeze
  • remove food from trays, and place into labeled freezer bags
Cannot wait to share more fun recipes! 

xoxo, p&c 


Toddler Style | Target

My daughter is such a little fashionista!

Charlotte loves to pick out her outfit for the day, and has her own fun style. I love that Target has great deals on kids clothing. We do almost all of our shopping for her clothing at Target. Most of the stuff is around $5 a piece, and holds up really well too. The other day I stocked up on stuff for next year, and most of the stuff was $2.50!

I love her army green jacket she picked out, and of course her peplum top!

xoxo, p&c 

Arbonne Skincare | Review

If you are looking to go cruelty free, and vegan with your skincare line I really recommend trying out Arbonne. I was introduced to this product line by my sister-in-law a few weekends ago, and I am really impressed with this brand.

I don't really break out, but I feel like my skincare routine might need a change. I don't want to use harsh products on my skin anymore. When she told me about Arbonne, and how it was vegan and cruelty free, I really wanted to try it. I used their RE9 Anti-Aging sample pack, and was really impressed. I could even notice a change the next morning after using it. My skin is really soft too!

After trying the RE9, I decided to purchase a few of their skincare items.

  • Smoothing Facial Cleanser
  • Regenerating Toner
  • Restorative Day Crème
  • Instant Lift Gel
Can't wait to try more of their products!

xoxo, p&c 


Raw Challenge!

Extreme? Maybe. I have been wanting to do a raw challenge ever since my husband told me about Fully Raw Kristina's Instagram. The problem - I love bacon. Like a lot. BUT I really like challenges too. So, I decided after my third Whole30 challenge, that I would try a raw challenge. The Fully Raw Challenge is 21 days, and I didn't want to commit 100% to that. So, I decided to just get my feet wet - seven days. I bought Brad's Raw Made Easy, and Everyday Raw Detox. Both books have a lot of good info, and recipes. Since I am eating Paleo, there are a few things that I won't eat, like quinoa.

I am on day two now, and the first day was really hard. My husband and I had to go out for a birthday dinner, and I just watched people eat sushi, while I ate lettuce. I think if you want to do this challenge, you really need to prep for it. I stocked up on all kinds of fruits, and veggies at Wegman's.

For all you vegans, and raw eating foodies, I have a lot of respect for you!

xoxo, p&c


Cruelty Free Beauty

Now that I have started to eat super healthy, and focusing on my family becoming super healthy, I think it's time to get rid of all those horrible cosmetics, and beauty items. After you read about all the chemicals that are in food, you never think about the chemicals that you actually put on your skin. I read that you put over 500 chemicals on your skin A DAY. How crazy is that?

So, I am starting to slowly rid my home of all toxic products. Sorry L'Oreal, Maybelline, and Revlon. I will start purchasing cruelty free brands, and mostly vegan products. I know that you are probably thinking those products are going to be super expensive. There are so many brands that don't test on animals, and don't contain toxic chemicals.

The first things to go where the dish soap, toothpaste, deodorant. I went to Target, and bought new toothpaste, and dish soap. My daughter already uses the Tom's brand toothpaste, and we already use organic body wash and soap. I stopped using chemically loaded face wash, and body soap a long time ago. I love Burt's Bees for the kids, and their facial products are really great. I love brands that you don't have to go hunting down for, and that aren't super expensive. Burt's Bees have very reasonable prices too. Their cleansing wipes are around $6, and their toner was $13. I feel like I spent more on Clinique's toner, and it was HORRIBLE. I don't understand the Clinique following, but that's another blog post.


Here are some links to find out what brands are vegan, organic, and cruelty free:




I cannot wait to share my reviews, and how we are cleaning our home of toxic products!

What products do you enjoy that are cruelty free, vegan, or organic?

xoxo, p&c 


Update | Green Bean Container Garden

My green beans are planted! I used a tomato cage for the vines to grow along. I planted three green bean plants in the container, and used organic soil. They seem to be doing really well!

I really recommend buying seeds from www.seedsnow.com. They offer really good prices, and I have zero complaints with their customer service.

xoxo, p&c 


Guest Blogger | TreeSleeve

Good morning! I would like to introduce TreeSleeve's as a guest on my blog! They are a wonderful eco friendly product for all you tea, and coffee lovers! Please check out their product!
xoxo, p&c

TreeSleeve offers one socially conscious product - a single-use coffee sleeve that is fully compostable and composed of 100% upcycled sugarcane - using parts of the plant that would otherwise have been burned. For every 10 tons of sugarcane processed, 3 tons of residual waste (bagasse) are produced. Some factories bring in 7,000 tons of sugarcane a day, producing close to 2,100 tons of waste daily! Our founder, Ray Fraser, wanted to source the sugarcane waste from developing countries while also working to battle deforestation.

Another cool aspect of the sugarcane is that because of it's carbon:nitrogen ratio, it actually speeds up the composting process. Composting requires a balance of carbon and nitrogen to be efficient, most paper products are too high in carbon. Our sleeve contains what we like to call, EarthFruit, a naturally occurring nitrogen-rich enzyme that allows the sleeves to retain more nitrogen than any other sleeve on the market. When a TreeSleeve deteriorates in a compost pile, “EarthFruit” fertilizes the soil with nitrogen, helping to accelerate and improve the soil’s composting performance.

Millions of trees are cut down yearly to produce paper coffee sleeves. With purchase, our non-profit partner plants a tree in a deforested area of the world (with a focus on Ethiopia, Madagascar, and Haiti). We seek to engage coffee (and tea) drinkers everywhere to help eradicate the cycle of deforestation and reach our goal of planting 50 million trees per year. So far we've planted around 3,000 trees but we're working to reforest entire communities. To help us reach our goal, we have built a Kickstarter campaign which launched Earth Day!  

- Alex


Container Gardening | Green Beans

I am so excited for my container garden this year. I decided that I wanted to grow as many veggies, and fruit in containers as I could. Green beans are supposed to be really easy to grow in containers, so I bought Blue Lake Pole green beans from Urban Garden Seeds. I started them off in egg cartons, with organic soil. All fruits, and veggies that I am growing are GMO free, and organic.

My green beans are starting to sprout, and they are growing so fast!

Once they get a little bigger, I will be transferring them to containers, and using a tomato cage for the vines to travel. Can't wait to update you on my green beans! 

Paleo Baby!

Now that I am getting my husband, and kids to become a Paleo family, I thought I would stock up on some baby food while shopping at Target. I plan on making my own baby food, but these will be amazing for on-the-go days!

My son will start eating around four months old, and we are not doing rice cereal. My daughter eats a mostly Paleo lifestyle. She loves eggs, fruits, veggies, and meats. I know this won't easy, and I am not striving for perfection, but I do want my family to eat healthy. After reading all the stuff that are in foods, and I am so scared of cancer, I encourage people to eat healthy.

Can't wait to share my Paleo baby food recipes, along with toddler food ideas!

xoxo, p&c 


Birks are back.

It's obvious that the 90's are trending. I am not complaining either. When I saw that the most granola of all shoes were in style, it brought me back to high school. I remember people wearing them all year round, sometimes with socks too.

But, I'm not going to lie, I absolutely love Birkenstocks. I want so many pairs! Seeing them all over Pinterest, made it official. Birks are back. Any article of clothing that you can dress up, or down, I am a fan.

I bought my Madrid Birkenstocks from DSW, and I had $20 off, which made it even better. That's mostly where I buy shoes. I love getting points, and rewards for shopping.

Can't wait to buy more!

xoxo, p&c