Container Gardening | Green Beans

I am so excited for my container garden this year. I decided that I wanted to grow as many veggies, and fruit in containers as I could. Green beans are supposed to be really easy to grow in containers, so I bought Blue Lake Pole green beans from Urban Garden Seeds. I started them off in egg cartons, with organic soil. All fruits, and veggies that I am growing are GMO free, and organic.

My green beans are starting to sprout, and they are growing so fast!

Once they get a little bigger, I will be transferring them to containers, and using a tomato cage for the vines to travel. Can't wait to update you on my green beans! 


  1. I absolutely love this idea, such a great idea to grow a garden! I always grow basil every year, and sometimes tomatoes!


  2. It's so exciting seeing something grow, please keep informing us on how your beans develop :) xxx

  3. So I figured you could use his info, http://forums2.gardenweb.com/forums/load/cornucop/msg0314220213059.html?42