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Good morning! I would like to introduce TreeSleeve's as a guest on my blog! They are a wonderful eco friendly product for all you tea, and coffee lovers! Please check out their product!
xoxo, p&c

TreeSleeve offers one socially conscious product - a single-use coffee sleeve that is fully compostable and composed of 100% upcycled sugarcane - using parts of the plant that would otherwise have been burned. For every 10 tons of sugarcane processed, 3 tons of residual waste (bagasse) are produced. Some factories bring in 7,000 tons of sugarcane a day, producing close to 2,100 tons of waste daily! Our founder, Ray Fraser, wanted to source the sugarcane waste from developing countries while also working to battle deforestation.

Another cool aspect of the sugarcane is that because of it's carbon:nitrogen ratio, it actually speeds up the composting process. Composting requires a balance of carbon and nitrogen to be efficient, most paper products are too high in carbon. Our sleeve contains what we like to call, EarthFruit, a naturally occurring nitrogen-rich enzyme that allows the sleeves to retain more nitrogen than any other sleeve on the market. When a TreeSleeve deteriorates in a compost pile, “EarthFruit” fertilizes the soil with nitrogen, helping to accelerate and improve the soil’s composting performance.

Millions of trees are cut down yearly to produce paper coffee sleeves. With purchase, our non-profit partner plants a tree in a deforested area of the world (with a focus on Ethiopia, Madagascar, and Haiti). We seek to engage coffee (and tea) drinkers everywhere to help eradicate the cycle of deforestation and reach our goal of planting 50 million trees per year. So far we've planted around 3,000 trees but we're working to reforest entire communities. To help us reach our goal, we have built a Kickstarter campaign which launched Earth Day!  

- Alex

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