Tie Dye Blanket

I wanted to make a light weight blanket for my son for the summer. All the blankets we have aren't really summer weather. I wanted him to have something that was lightweight when we went out to dinner, or run errands.

  • Rit Dye - and color you like 
  • 2 Yards of gauze fabric - I found mine on Amazon
  • 6 cups very hot water
  • About 5 rubber bands
  • Large spoon
  • Large pot
  • Thread, needle (or sew machine)
  • Scissors 
  • Rubber gloves
  1. Take the fabric and lay out on the floor
  2. Twist the fabric from the center until it forms a sometime like the picture below
  3. Take your rubber bands and secure the fabric all around
  4. Add hot water to pot, add the dye, and then add your rubber banded fabric (wear rubber gloves while using the dye)
  5. Take the spoon and push the fabric under the hot water, and let the fabric sit in the water for about ten minutes, or depending on how dark you want the fabric
  6. Empty the dyed water (I dumped it down the drain in our shower), and then cut the rubber bands off the wrapped fabric
  7. Rinse the fabric out with cool water
  8. Wash the dyed fabric in your washing machine (alone) with a small amount of detergent 
  9. Let air dry
  10. Both ends of the tie dyed fabric will fray, so trim, and then sew about 1/2" of both ends to prevent fraying in the future from washing 
  11. Enjoy!

xoxo, p&c


  1. This is so much fun! Perfect for that little pop of summery fun and color!

  2. Thank you! I want to dye more things now!! :)

  3. I love this idea! Would be great for a sarong/cover up too ; )