100 Days of Yoga Challenge

Good morning! Tomorrow is August 1st, and I want to do a whole new challenge - I love to do challenges!

I keep seeing 100 day challenges, and I really want to set a goal, and do 100 days of yoga! I LOVE doing yoga. There are so many benefits doing yoga, and it's something that I would really like to become better at! I would love to get more upper body strength, and work on my core.

Benefits of Yoga
  • clears mind
  • helps with stress
  • improved posture (I really need to work on this)
  • increased energy levels
  • helps with balance and flexibility
  • detoxes body
photo from pinterest

I love doing bikram, pilates, and PiYo! I really want to be able to do a handstand at the end of this challenge, and see how balance and flexible I become. I am not limiting myself to just attending classes, but watching YouTube videos, and doing PiYo at home. I have noticed that going to bikram a few days a week, I am improving my postures, and I am able to do more and more each class. This will also allow me to make time for myself.

I wish I could go to a yoga class everyday, but I don't have the time, and it can get kind of expensive. There are so many free yoga videos online too! I just registered with Do You Yoga, and they offer a FREE 30 day yoga challenge, and great articles on yoga.

Cannot wait to see my end result on November 9th!

xoxo, p&c 



Fitness Fashion on a Budget

Things I have stopped buying - the latest trends. Things I have started buying - workout clothing. The struggle is real. I am obsessed with neon sports bras, yoga pants, and running shoes. BUT I cannot afford to spend money on the top of the line running shorts, or sports bras. If you are like me, loving fitness fashion, but can't afford to splurge, go to Target and TJMaxx! Target carries C9 by Champion sports bras, and they are very affordable (around $16 each), and they offer so many different styles. TJMaxx is another great store to find name brand athletic gear for reasonable prices. I get my yoga pants, and shorts from them, along with workout equipment! I found my kettlebell there for $15, and weights for $10!

I get all my running shoes from DSW with coupons that they send me. As much as I love Victoria's Secret PINK yoga pants, it's really not in my budget right now to spend $40 on a pair of pants. That $40 could probably buy me two outfits at Target and TJMaxx.

Pants H&M $9 | C9 Sports Bra $10

Reebok Shoes DSW $50 | C9 Sports Bra $14 | Jockey Shorts TJMaxx $8

C9 Yoga Pants $25 | C9 Sports Bra $14 | Nike's DSW $40

xoxo, p&c 


Paleo Pesto

I love my zoodles! BUT, I am getting tired of eating zoodles with a meat sauce. So, I decided to make pesto. Oh, and I have TONS of basil growing in my herb garden, so this was the perfect opportunity to make some pesto. It's super easy to make too!

What you need:

  • fresh basil - I cut about two handle fulls of basil leaves (cleaned)
  • 2 tablespoons almond slivers 
  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • salt & pepper
  1. add washed basil leaves to food processor 
  2. when the basil is finely chopped, add the almond slivers, and extra virgin olive oil
  3. once everything was finely chopped to the consistency I wanted, I tasted the pesto, and then added a dash of salt and pepper
  4. this made about 1/2 cup 
  5. enjoy!

xoxo, p&c 


Green Beans | Baby Food

I love getting fresh green beans from our local farmers market! So, I decided to get extra, and make baby food out of them. This is another easy recipe!

Green Beans
  • one pound green beans, cleaned, and the tops and tails snapped
  • bring 1 1/2 water to a boil
  • add green beans, and cover with lid 
  • boil on medium high temperature until green beans are soft - I just stuck them with a fork to check consistency 
  • drain water
  • add green beans to blender or food processor
  • add water - I added about two ounces of water 
  • pour mixture into trays, and cover with plastic wrap
  • freeze
  • remove food from trays, and place into labeled freezer bags
  • store in freezer for about three months
  • when heating the green beans I put them in a glass bowl, and slowly start heating them in the microwave until they are cool, not hot
xoxo, p&c