Green Beans | Baby Food

I love getting fresh green beans from our local farmers market! So, I decided to get extra, and make baby food out of them. This is another easy recipe!

Green Beans
  • one pound green beans, cleaned, and the tops and tails snapped
  • bring 1 1/2 water to a boil
  • add green beans, and cover with lid 
  • boil on medium high temperature until green beans are soft - I just stuck them with a fork to check consistency 
  • drain water
  • add green beans to blender or food processor
  • add water - I added about two ounces of water 
  • pour mixture into trays, and cover with plastic wrap
  • freeze
  • remove food from trays, and place into labeled freezer bags
  • store in freezer for about three months
  • when heating the green beans I put them in a glass bowl, and slowly start heating them in the microwave until they are cool, not hot
xoxo, p&c

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  1. I am a total sucker for greenbeens, they are delicious! Great idea btw.