Happy National Honey Bee Day!

Today is National Honey Bee Day! So, I decided to dedicate a post to the bees! I am all for saving the bees! My backyard is full of pollinators, and they love my sunflowers. I even feed the bees watermelon rind, and created a bee bath from them!

Bees are very important for our food supply, and the honey bee population has been decreasing. You can show your support also by purchasing non-gmo products, and planting non-gmo flowers!

Please take moment and sign the petition to save the bees:  http://save-bees.org/

I created a bee bath for my bees! This is super easy to make too. All you need is an old pie dish, and some water marbles. Just add some water, and the bees can easily drink water without drowning!

xo, p+c

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  1. Gorgeous pictures- the sunflowers are so pretty!