Chorizo & Poblano Breakfast Bowl

If you are craving a super spicy meal - make a chorizo and poblano pepper breakfast bowl! This is a super easy meal to make. I love making this on Sunday's as part of my meal prep, and eating it for breakfast during the week!

  • four medium size chorizo links - cut into bite size pieces (I used the Wegman's brand - they are Whole30 approved)
  • four medium size poblano peppers, seeds removed, cut into bite size pieces
  • two cups red potatoes, diced
  • three tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • one medium onion, diced
  • salt and pepper
This is a very easy recipe to make, which I enjoy! After I cut everything up, I add the extra virgin olive oil to a hot pan, and add all my ingredients. I let this cook until the red potatoes are soft, and  you can serve this with a poached egg. This breakfast bowl is really filling too!

xo, p+c


  1. This looks so delish! I love your instagram so thought i'd come check out your blog too :) Thanks for sharing. x

  2. Thank you!! It's one of my favorite breakfast dishes to make!