Nighttime Skin Care Routine

So, early spring I posted a nighttime skin care routine, and things have changed. I have since thrown most of that stuff away - anything that wasn't cruelty free, and had a lot of chemicals went right into the trash. Now, it's time to update my nighttime routine. It's really simple. You don't need twenty products to apply to your face for glowing skin.

The first thing I do is use Arbonne's Eye Makeup Remover to remove my daily cat eye,and mascara. Their products are vegan, cruelty free, and very gentle. Would you want to put harsh chemicals around your eyes?

After I remove my eye makeup, I use Tasty Face Organics Coconut Vanilla Cream Cleanser. This cleanser smells amazing, and if you have really dry skin in the colder months this is PERFECT. You don't need a lot either, I just use a little dab, gently wash my face, and rinse it off with warm water. I really like using this at night for a couple of reasons - it is a little oily (not in a bad way), and it's great to remove your makeup at the end of the day. Also, the smell is so calming, and really helps me relax after a long workday. When drying your face don't apply a lot of pressure with your towel, just pat dry. This will help prevent wrinkles!!

Next, I use Tasty Face Organics Rosemary Aloe Toner. This toner has apple cider, and witch hazel - this will help out with any redness you might have. The last step of my nighttime skin care routine is using Tasty Face Organics Vanilla Mint Daily Moisturizer. I just use a little dab, and apply it all over my face, neck, and hands. I am telling you - a little dab will go a long way! My skin in the morning, is super soft, and glowing.

I am training right now to run a half marathon, and it's kinda chilly at night in Northern Virginia. I started to get chapped lips, and dry skin - this cleanser and moisturizer really helped! I don't apply apply any products to my lips - the moisturizer is that great!!

Kelly's products at Tasty Face Organics are PALEO FRIENDLY! So, all you Paleo Foodies you will LOVE it!! It's all organic, cruelty free, and wonderful for your skin!

Visit her at: http://tastyfaceorganics.myshopify.com/

xo, p+c

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