Time to Prep for 2015 Gardening

I know that gardening has sadly ended, but I am already prepping for 2015! I had my husband dig out a section of our backyard so I can have more space other than containers. We will build a raised bed garden in the spring so I can have more of a variety of things to grow.

I have slowly started to buy seeds for next spring! The seeds that I have purchased from Baker Creek Heirlooms Seeds are the following:

  • Poblano Peppers
  • Black Beauty Eggplant
  • Green Zebra Tomatoes
  • White Soul Strawberries
  • Red Romaine
  • Roselle Red Thai

I purchase seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Botanical Interests, and Seeds Now. They are all GMO Free, heirloom, organic. I also use EcoScrap organic soil to plant. I stand by only planting GMO Free seeds, and using organic soil.

Cannot wait to start gardening again!!

xo, p+c

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  1. I think it's so awesome that you have your own garden! I wish I had the patience to.