Week One Working on my Fitness

What a busy week! Finding time to workout can be a little challenging sometimes, but I made sure I did something each day this week.

Ran two miles
50 squats 
25 kickbacks

Tuesday - this day was very challenging, traffic was insane, but I tried to do something!
50 squats
50 sit ups

300 squats - and it felt amazing to accomplish this goal, some I even did with the kettlebell
100 mountain climbers
100 jumping jacks
50 kettlebell swings
100 sit ups

Ran two miles

Friday - I had the day off so, I dropped my daughter off at preschool, and walked almost seven miles at the local mall. AND I didn't even shop! Just bought my coffee, and a bottle of water, and crushed my walk.

Today I was supposed to run three miles, but I decided that I needed a rest day. I was so sore from walking almost seven miles yesterday. Everyone needs a rest day.

GYM DAY - ha. I have a gym membership and never have the time to get there. Well, that's changing today. Making a goal of getting there three days a week AT LEAST. I even went into the scary weight lifting section, and did squats! 

My meals were pretty basic. Nothing crazy. I ate steak, chicken, lots of eggs, salads. I tried to add feta, and rice into my diet, but I felt awful the next day. My body is so adjusted to eating Paleo, the smallest change I make, I really pay for it the next day. I get bloated, and feel like I could drink gallons of water. I don't think it was the rice that bothered me as much as the feta. I have had sushi, and that didn't bother me when I ate it. Next time I will just try eating rice, and just not eating dairy. Dairy is the worst for me, and the easiest thing for me to give up. 

I do not have celiac disease, but I do have a gluten intolerance. When I eat processed gluten loaded foods, my body aches, my joints hurt, I get extremely tired, and bloated. My legs feel super heavy too. 

So, now that I have completed my first week, where's my nice bum, and amazing tummy! ;)


xo, p+c 

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