Kids Eat Clean

As much as I would love Charlotte, and Jackson to be 100% Paleo - it just isn't always realistic. So, I am working on getting them 80/20. I don't mind them eating dairy as long as it's organic, and I would like it to be whole milk.

So, I decided to do a haul on what I am feeding my kids. My son is nine months, and is over baby food. He would rather eat the real deal, and that works out perfectly too! As long as they are eating clean that's all I want.

Here's a breakdown of what I buy - and I try to buy organic as much as possible:
  • blueberry gluten free waffles
  • organic yogurt - Jackson loves yogurt!! Trader Joe's makes an awesome yogurt for when you're on the go, and it's awesome frozen too!!
  • gluten free pasta - and quinoa pasta is amazing!!
  • organic pasta sauce
  • organic whole milk
  • gluten free pancake mix - big fan of anything Bob's Red Mill
  • black beans - my daughter LOVES beans
  • organic turkey bacon from Wegman's is the best!!


Cannot wait to post more of what my kids are eating!!
xo, p+c

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