Rocksbox Review

If you are big into wearing jewelry, you need to check out Rocksbox! I received my first box of jewelry, and LOVE it!

You get three pieces of jewelry sent to you based on your style survey, and you can wear your gems as long as you want. Once you want to try something new, you swap your box for new gems! If you like the items in your Rocksbox, you can purchase the pieces for 20% off!

The monthly membership is $19 (you can cancel anytime, no obligations), but you can get a free month membership with Rocksbox using code stephaniexoxo7! You need to hurry, this code expires January 31, 2015!!

Check them out here: https://www.rocksbox.com/

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Spicy Kale Chips

You can do so many flavors when making kale chips. They are super easy to make, and they are a great snack. I decided to make spicy kale chips, and they are so yummy!!

  • one bunch of kale, or you can get the precut kale in the bag (the bag kind is a time saver)
  • avocado oil
  • sea salt
  • red pepper flakes
  • preheat oven to 300 degrees
  • parchment paper / baking sheet
  1. After rinsing the kale I removed the greens from the stems, and placed the kale pieces in a large bowl
  2. Drizzle your avocado oil onto the kale, and then massage the kale until it's coated evenly. I am obsessed with avocado oil, and we rarely use olive oil.
  3. Place the kale pieces on the baking sheet covered in parchment paper
  4. Lightly sprinkle your sea salt, and red pepper flakes onto the kale
  5. Bake for about 20 minutes at 300 degrees, or until they look crunchy
  6. Enjoy!!
These would be a great snack during your super bowl party, and they are a great snack for your kids too!

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Staying on Track | Gym Motivation

Meal planning is not the only way to stay on track with your fitness goals. I also plan my gym outfits out the night before. This helps me get motivated for the gym the next day, and being prepared to get out of the house on time. 

I don't buy high end workout clothing brands. Most of my gym clothing I purchase is from Target, or TJMaxx. Fabletics is also another great place that offers great clothing to workout in.

The only thing I really splurge on is my shoes. I absolutely love my Asics. They are heaven to run in, and I really love the bright colors. 

Cannot wait to get to the gym in the morning!

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TASTYFACE Organics Sea Salt Scrub | Review

Another great find from TASTYFACE Organics!!

If you suffer from dry winter skin like I do, I really recommend TASTYFACE Organic's Tangerine Orange Peel Sea Salt Scrub. It smells SO GOOD, and it's great to use first thing in the morning! The citrus smell really helps with those winter blues. It's also a nice treat after leg day :)


TASTYFACE Organics are Paleo approved, cruelty free, with clean ingredients that you can trust applying to your skin!

Check out this sea salt scrub here.

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Mini Target Haul | Whole30 Approved

I am in the final stretch of Whole30 around six!! I needed to pick up the essentials at Target - La Croix, LARABAR's, and kombucha. These are the little things that I love when doing Whole30's! La Croix's coconut flavor, and lime are my two favorites!! I have never tried the LARABAR apple pie, but I am really excited to try it!

What are your go-to items when you do a Whole30?

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Great things come in a BuddhiBox

Have you heard of BuddhiBox? It's a monthly subscription box of wonderful, soul calming treats. I received my BuddhiBox, and just the smell opening it was soothing!

Definition: Buddhi [boo-dee, boo d-ee] Noun, Hinduism, Buddhism
  • Female Entity. Sankrit word for intellect, seen as an intuitive faculty giving increased spiritual awareness.
  • Exhudes a high, bright, fine energy. Path towards enlightenment.
Their mantra is to offer monthly mindfulness by delivering an array of products to enhance yoga practice, healthy living, and mindful existence. Each month you will receive 4 -6 samples, and if you love the samples, you can purchase the full size product online!

Not only does BuddhiBox offer wonderful products for you to sample, they also give back. BuddhiBox commits to supporting non-profit charities. Each month BuddhiBox picks a charity, and donates proceeds from the sales of the boxes to them.

You don't have to be a yogi to enjoy their monthly subscription. There's something for everyone in each box to enjoy!
Mine included a yoga tote, bracelet, mints, tea, yoga mat cleaner, incense, and rosin. If you are interested in trying out BuddhiBox, you can save 10% off month to month and gift subscriptions using 'peplum' - does not include BuddhiBox Jewelry - coupon offer expires 2/06/2015. 

Check them out here - https://www.buddhiboxes.com 

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My Weightloss Journey

Everyone has their own story, and I wanted to share how I gained 63 pounds during my first pregnancy, lost 95 pounds, got pregnant again, and how eating a Paleo lifestyle has changed my life.

Two months after having my daughter | December 2010 | about 180 pounds
I have never really struggled with my weight until after my first pregnancy with my daughter, Charlotte. I did gain weight in my early 20's, and did Weight Watchers at one point. That was only to drop less than 20 pounds. I feel like I wasn't completely unhealthy before getting pregnant. I stayed kind of active, but once I got pregnant, it stopped.

I gained more than what the average person should probably gain - 63 pounds. I hear about these women that gain 20 pounds, that was not me. I REALLY enjoyed cake, ice cream, cake, carbs, more cake. I weighed 205 pounds before I went into labor. You know that point when you are like tomorrow will be the day I start eating healthy. That happened almost every Monday during my pregnancy, and then I just gave up. The cravings were unreal, and I just wanted to enjoy it.

Enjoy your pregnancy they said. The weight will come off easy they said. HA. I struggled with dropping all that weight after having my daughter, and when I got pregnant I wasn't where I wanted to be. So, not only did I want to drop those 63 pounds, I also wanted to get back to where I was before pregnancy.

I probably tried every diet known to drop those pounds after giving birth. I did Jenny Craig, and Weight Watchers AT THE SAME TIME. I got a personal trainer, I wore ankle weights probably everywhere I went. I tried The Fat Flush Diet, the South Beach Diet, My Fitness Pal. EVERYTHING.

Once I got to my pre-pregnancy weight, I got comfortable. Then I started gaining again, and that's when the gluten free "trend" started. After reading all about it gluten, I felt like I really had a gluten intolerance. So, I started to eat more of a gluten free lifestyle. I lost ten pounds, and I didn't count one single calorie. My energy was back, I wasn't breaking out, and I felt really good.

The beginning of 2013 I started hearing about Paleo. I read about it, and thought it was NUTS. The only thing I really thought was nuts about it, was no cream or sugar in my COFFEE. HOW DOES ONE SURVIVE?! So, I gradually started eating more of a Paleo lifestyle. Carbs really are something I cannot do. Bread. Cake. I look at it, and gain 10 pounds. So, Paleo sounded really appealing. I got really big into running, and doing yoga too. I was never big on running, but fell in love with it. It clears my head, and gives me tons of energy. Yoga helps me find that balance. On the mat, and in my life. I am now doing poses I probably never thought I could ever do.

I did my first Whole30 in May of 2013, and lost 12 pounds. I got down to 115 pounds, and felt AMAZING. I never thought I would ever see that weight again in my life. Also, I was struggling to get pregnant again, and after completing my first Whole30, I got pregnant right after.

While I was pregnant with Jackson, I ate a mostly Paleo diet. I only gained 40 pounds, and it came off a lot easier after I had him. I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight in about four months.

Paleo is a lifestyle that really works for me. I am not saying that Weight Watchers or any other diet is bad. I am not a doctor, but Paleo is really the best option for me. I don't have to count calories, I feel really good, my hair and nails look amazing. I never breakout, and my overall moods are a lot better. I also don't want to put shitty food into my body, or let my family eat bad food. I am not perfect, I have cheated on Paleo, but I really can tell the difference when I do. I get bloated, and irritable. I would love for my whole family to eat Paleo, but sometimes that can be hard. Charlotte, Jackson, and my husband eat clean, and organic.

January 2015 | 118 pounds

Don't let anyone tell you that you cannot do something. Some days are harder than others, but if you really set your mind to something, it really can be done. Everyone has a bad day, or two, or maybe a month, but don't let it stop you from reaching your goals. I wanted to give up so many times. I cried a lot, but finally seeing my body change for the better was really the best payoff.

December 2010 | January 2015

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Fitness with Friends

Everyone needs a little motivation to stay on track! The best way to continue with your fitness goals, is to work out with friends.

Asics | Nike
Even if it's for a walk around the mall a few times, anything to get out of the house, and off the couch counts!!

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Meal Prep Sunday

Eating healthy doesn't have to be hard. If you are looking to have a stress free Whole30, or just staying on track with your healthy lifestyle - meal prep is a must. Every Sunday I plan out my meals for the week, this includes what I will need later from the grocery store. You don't have to make crazy meals either. I like the basics -chicken with a veggie, some fruit, hard boiled eggs, and a protein. Nothing crazy, nothing to stress about.

I pack everything into containers, and then just grab what I need in the mornings. Taking a couple of hours to meal prep saves me the headache during the week.

Stress free meals = staying on track!
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Whole30 Round Six Meals

Cannot believe how fast this Whole30 is going! I have never completed Whole30 during the winter months, and it's actual kind of hard! I really want Paleo pancakes, and waffles! I think since it's so cold, all I can think about is CARBS.

I have been staying busy going to the gym lifting weights, training for a half marathon this year, and of course doing yoga.

My breakfast meals are always easy, and lunch is normally leftovers from the night before. Here are a few of my favorite dinner meals during this Whole30!

bunless burger
spicy lime chicken burger

bunless hot dog

steak salad

taco salad
Stay warm!!
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Seeds Now 2015 Gardening

It's FREEZING in Northern Virginia today!! I am ready for warm weather, and starting my 2015 garden!

I want to try to grow a few new things this year, and a lot of what I grew last year.

I stocked up on the following seeds

  • waltham squash 
  • emerald green velvet okra 
  • white sweet spanish onion 
  • hales best melon
  • victoria rhubarb
  • tom thumb lettuce
  • sungold tail sunflower
  • spaghetti squash 
  • black diamond watermelon 
  • roma tomato 
  • large leaf italian basil 
  • large american flag leek 
  • yolo wonder pepper
  • cherokee purple tomato 
  • sungold dwarf sunflower
  • siberian dwarf kale 
  • jalapeno pepper
  • purple beauty pepper
  • sugarbaby watermelon 

Whoa that's a lot of seeds!! I also enjoy getting my seed saver catalogs in the mail too!! If you are looking for a great GMO Free seed company, I really recommend Seeds Now. They offer a great selection of seeds, and their shipping is awesome. I have zero complaints with their products. Also, if you're looking for a great soil to use, my go-to soil is EcoScraps - I find this at Target. 

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Snow Day + Coffee Day

Today was the first snow day of the year in Northern Virginia!! To stay warm I had multiple cups of coffee, and a few green teas.

If you are looking for the perfect coffee for Whole30, I really recommend the Quad Americano. That extra shot really helps!!

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Salad in Jar

Meal prep Sunday included me making salads in a jar. Super easy, and great to just grab-and-go.

The key to not having a soggy salad is adding the ingredients in this order:
  1. salad dressing
  2. veggies
  3. meat
  4. lettuce 

Super easy to make, and it's easy for all the Whole30 peeps.

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Willpower + Sugar Cravings

The holiday's are over, and I bet everyone has a pile of junk food from all those stocking stuffers. This is the pile we have in our house. I am not a big fan of candy, but sometimes the temptation is there.

I am on day three of Whole30, and this is the point where I get a little foggy, tired, and start craving sugar. Day one, and two are easy. Day three is when I start crashing. I don't eat a lot of treats, but when I do they are Paleo. I mean hello, paleo ice cream, paleo pancakes, and paleo waffles. UGH. Want all that stuff now.

Powered past these cravings, and went for a walk. It was about time to part ways with my couch. I mean I really took the term relaxing to a whole new level. It's been real sofa, time to take on 2015. I am sure my FitBit isn't happy with my steps!!

Hashtagging this a big NOPE.

xo, p+c 

New Year New Shoes

New year. New goals. New shoes.

2014 was a wonderful year, and I want 2015 to be just as amazing. I started training to run a half marathon late fall of 2014, but work got really busy. I am going to start this year off right, and take on my half marathon training, along with a few other things.

I decided to buy a pair of Asics Gel Noosa Tri 9 that I have been eyeing since last summer. I absolutely love my Reebok Flex running shoes, but they are starting to wear down. Nike's are not my favorite shoes to run in, they just don't feel right. So, after doing a lot of research, I decided to buy a pair of Asics.

The Gel Noosa Tri 9's got really awesome reviews, so I broke down, and bought the LOUDEST color I could find. Gotta be noticed running!

Can't wait to update you on my new shoes, but I have worn them around the house, and they are nice.

If you are looking for a beginner half marathon training to follow, I follow THIS


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Whole30 Day Two Breakfast

I am all about that bacon and eggs, but I switched it up this morning. I made a Whole30 breakfast for myself, Charlotte, and Jackson. We all enjoyed scrambled eggs with chicken sausage, and a side of fresh oranges. The kids LOVE oranges!!

Since Jackson has been teething I have been getting zero sleep o_O - so I made myself two cups of black coffee this morning. Cannot wait until my husband gets home to take a much needed NAP.

xo, p+c

Whole30 Day One

I like my Whole30 meals to be really yummy, and easy. I try to make awesome meals that my family will enjoy too. Trying to get my husband to do another round with me this year - we shall see.

Last night I made our traditional good luck meal to kick of the new year! Pork loin with sauerkraut, and red potatoes - so yummy!! I am glad I made enough for leftovers, because this was also my lunch today!

Do you have a special meal you enjoy to eat on New Year's Day? I see a lot of people eating black eyed peas, and collard greens!! LOVE collard greens!!! MMMM!

Things I did not do - gym. There's no way in hell I am going to the gym on January 1st. I want to take these days off and enjoy them - on the couch. Catching up on my blog, and planning new posts!!

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