Seeds Now 2015 Gardening

It's FREEZING in Northern Virginia today!! I am ready for warm weather, and starting my 2015 garden!

I want to try to grow a few new things this year, and a lot of what I grew last year.

I stocked up on the following seeds

  • waltham squash 
  • emerald green velvet okra 
  • white sweet spanish onion 
  • hales best melon
  • victoria rhubarb
  • tom thumb lettuce
  • sungold tail sunflower
  • spaghetti squash 
  • black diamond watermelon 
  • roma tomato 
  • large leaf italian basil 
  • large american flag leek 
  • yolo wonder pepper
  • cherokee purple tomato 
  • sungold dwarf sunflower
  • siberian dwarf kale 
  • jalapeno pepper
  • purple beauty pepper
  • sugarbaby watermelon 

Whoa that's a lot of seeds!! I also enjoy getting my seed saver catalogs in the mail too!! If you are looking for a great GMO Free seed company, I really recommend Seeds Now. They offer a great selection of seeds, and their shipping is awesome. I have zero complaints with their products. Also, if you're looking for a great soil to use, my go-to soil is EcoScraps - I find this at Target. 

xo , p+c

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