Willpower + Sugar Cravings

The holiday's are over, and I bet everyone has a pile of junk food from all those stocking stuffers. This is the pile we have in our house. I am not a big fan of candy, but sometimes the temptation is there.

I am on day three of Whole30, and this is the point where I get a little foggy, tired, and start craving sugar. Day one, and two are easy. Day three is when I start crashing. I don't eat a lot of treats, but when I do they are Paleo. I mean hello, paleo ice cream, paleo pancakes, and paleo waffles. UGH. Want all that stuff now.

Powered past these cravings, and went for a walk. It was about time to part ways with my couch. I mean I really took the term relaxing to a whole new level. It's been real sofa, time to take on 2015. I am sure my FitBit isn't happy with my steps!!

Hashtagging this a big NOPE.

xo, p+c 

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