What can you do with $15?
Finding clothing at affordable prices is sometimes difficult, especially when you don’t have
the time to go from store to store comparing prices. And sometimes when you do find
affordable clothing it is less than stylish.

So what are you to do to find stylish yet affordable clothing? Might I suggest checking out 15each.co?

15 Each is your one stop shop for all your unique fashion finds. Make all your friends and
coworkers jealous by your stylish designer clothing. Make them even more jealous when
you tell them you only got your incredible fashion find for $15! At 15each.co you can find
authentic brand name items along with vintage clothing for only $15. You can score a $300
Rachel Roy dress, a $120 Nautica zip-up, or a vintage blouse for just $15. You’ll have to
hurry, because at 15each.co there is no restocking. Once an item is gone, it’s gone forever.
Don’t even run, sprint to 15each.co for your next fashion discovery.

The store is able to accomplish this amazing feat by buying new items in bulk directly from
retailers at the end of each season. Paying only a flat fee, they pass the savings onto you.
Sometimes they take a loss on great items, but it’s all for the love of fashion! As for their gently used and vintage clothing items, they have the very best shoppers scour second hand stores and estate sales all across the country for the very best out there. All their items are put through a quality control test, ensuring that you’re getting high quality clothing with no tears, stains, or loose threads. There are absolutely no knock offs here, this is all the real stuff!

Aside from providing their customers with affordable fashion, they love to interact with you!

You can show off your fabulous finds by uploading pictures on social media using the
hashtag #love15each. Additionally, 15each.co has a Loyalty Program where you can collect
points for shopping, referring a friend, or just visiting their website. You can use these points to shop. The website also offers weekly giveaways for a chance to win gift cards and discounts.

It’ll be hard to find another online clothing store as amazing as 15each.co. So, whether
you’re a mom, a fashionista, a bargain shopper, or all of the above, 15each.co is the perfect place to find affordable clothing you’ll love wearing!

Check them out here !!

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