Eating Out | Healthy Options - Chipotle

Sometimes I just don't like to cook. Last night was one of those nights. They were calling for a huge snow storm to hit the NOVA area, and it did, but last night I just wasn't in the mood to cook.

One of my favorite options when we eat out is Chipotle. I normally get the carintas in a bowl, extra meat, no rice or beans, guac, and pico. Right now Chipotle is searching for a new pork supplier that meets their food with integrity standards - you can find all the info here. Last night I opted for their barbacoa bowl without the beans and rice, but had to get the guac.

I probably shouldn't have gotten the extra meat, it was so filling! Eating out shouldn't be hard, or stressful. Always ask if they can modify the dish to your diet needs.

xo, stephanie 

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  1. love chipotle although i think it's way too much food for one sitting haha! the sofritas are my fave as i'm vegetarian

    xx danielle // shades of danielle