Wegman's Haul | Finding Balance

This past weekend was a little hard to stay on track. I didn't go to the grocery store on Friday, and I didn't have much planned for the weekend. So, I ended up eating food that didn't really go well with my diet normal eating habits. Like let's say pizza, and maybe a few pieces of peanut butter chocolate cups might have happened.

So, I made a plan, and went to Wegman's. I picked up a few new items, and my favorite things to make. The Mamma Chia squeeze snack packs are AMAZING. I plan on making bison burgers too.

I am not even beating myself up about eating pizza - it's all about that balance. I did feel horrible after eating it, but I know what does and doesn't work. It's also about figuring out what works well, and having a cheat meal every so often. Meal planning is a big part on how I stay on track with my meals - and I have been really slacking on that.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!
xo, stephanie 

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