Homemade Fruit Rollups

I love strawberry season! Every time we go to the farmer's market, I make sure I pick up a few pounds. The kids love them, and they are great to snack on!

If you are looking for something to do with all the strawberries you have, you can make easy homemade fruit rollups! The best part - you only need two ingredients.

  • one pound of strawberries - hulled and halved
  • juice of one lemon
  • parchment paper
  • baking sheet
  1. Preheat oven to 175 degrees
  2. Add one pound of strawberries to blender, lemon juice, and puree
  3. Cover baking sheet with parchment paper
  4. Pour the pureed strawberries over parchment paper
  5. Using a silicon spatula spread the strawberry puree evenly over the parchment paper
  6. Bake until the mixture is no longer sticky - I checked mine every two hours, and it took about six hours to reach the desired consistency
  7. Let cool
  8. Once cooled take a pizza slicer, and cut the parchment paper into strips, and then roll!
  9. You can store them in a sealed container, mine only lasted a few days!


If you want to add a sweetener to your strawberries before you dehydrate them in the oven. I am doing an extended Whole30 - so I didn't add anything. I don't really think you need to, but you can add honey if you want them sweeter. The kids loved them!

 Easy peasy!
xo, Stephanie 


Hello, and welcome to my new blog! Well, not really new, but new name! I have been wanting to change my blog for awhile, but figuring out the best name was kinda hard! Peplum + Coffee started in December of 2012 as a fashion and beauty blog, but I haven't blogged about that in a long time. I needed a change, so welcome to Love Living Whole!

My name is Stephanie, and I am a mom of two - Charlotte and Jackson. I have been eating a mostly Paleo lifestyle for a little over two years, but my kids do not eat Paleo. I love to cook, practice yoga, run, and garden. I can do a grocery haul like it's my job, and I have a serious coffee and Target problem! Right now I am currently doing seventh Whole30, and have extended it to a Whole90.

You can follow me on the following social media sites:

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xo, Stephanie 


Meal Prep Sunday

The key to staying on track with any goal you set is planning. Meal prep Sunday keeps me on track with eating according to my goals. Anytime I do a Whole30 - now a Whole90 I have to be prepared.

This week I made chicken burgers, grilled chicken wings, chicken sausages, lots of sides, and fresh fruit!

Simple, and easy!
xo, Stephanie 

Tuna Stuff Peppers

When the weather is hot, sometimes all you want is something simple that doesn't require a lot of meal prep. Since I have extended my Whole30, to a Whole60, and now a Whole90 I am don't want to get bored with my meals either.

Tuna is something that I really enjoy, but you have to read your labels! Do you know most of your big tuna brands have soy, and fillers? I am glad I found Safe Catch! It's the only brand that tests every tuna for mercury levels. It has no additives, or fillers, and it's GMO Free.

Yesterday I made tuna stuff bell peppers! It was so good, and filling!

  • one can of Safe Catch Tuna check them out here
  • one tablespoon of Paleo mayo - I use Planks Love and Guacamole Mayo here
  • salt and pepper - just a dash of each
  • fresh dill
  • one bell pepper, cleaned
  1. Mix everything together, and let it sit in the fridge for about an hour
  2. Stuff bell pepper, and enjoy!

Simple sometimes is the best!
xo, Stephanie 


Hydrate | Strawberry Lemon Water

Now that the weather is HOT, I am staying hydrated with infused waters!

They are so simple to make! This morning I made a strawberry lemon water. I just added a handful of diced strawberries, lemon slices, and let it sit in the fridge for a couple of hours. The best!

Stay hydrated!
xo, Stephanie 

It's Strawberry Time

How gorgeous are these strawberries! I had to take a picture before the kids demolished them.

I love this time of year, and fresh strawberries from our local farmer's market. They make the perfect snack for the kids, and I love snacking them while I am working.

Can't wait to start making some jam, and canning!
I hope everyone is enjoying this awesome Tuesday!
xo, Stephanie


Why I am doing a Whole60

I started my Whole60 today. You know sixty days of eating the Whole30 way. I have been on the fence since my last Whole30 back in January on ever doing a Whole30 again. The last round, I had bad headaches, and super bad sugar cravings. It was rough. I didn't do it to drop any weight, I wanted to do a reset from the holidays. I only lost two pounds that round - which was fine.

Well, after reading everyone's comments on my seventh Whole30 post on Instagram, I decided to give it a go. People doing 45, 60, and 90 days sounds awesome, and inspiring. Also, I wanted to make my seventh Whole30 special. It's been two years since I started my first Whole30, and really wanted to try a longer round. Plus, I don't drink so that makes it even easier.

Another reason why I want to do a Whole60 - I think I need something more than thirty days. You know that saying "It takes 21 days for form a habit?" Well, I don't think that applies to myself. Maybe I need to go further, and form a better relationship with food. I fell hard off the Paleo wagon back around my birthday in March. It started with ice cream cake, and then it went downhill from there. I hate counting calories, I hate carbs, and eating this way works for me.

So, last night I meal prepped my ass off. I grilled chicken, diced fruit, and made stuff for salads, and side dishes. It took about three hours, but will make my Whole60 a lot easier. The key to stick to my goals is planning, lists, and prep.

My before photos are taken, and cannot wait to see the end result. Maybe I will even go ninety days!

xo, Stephanie 

Farmer's Market Fun

Every Sunday there's always something new at our local farmer's market. I was really excited to see fresh strawberries! The whole family loves them, and they are the perfect snack.

Since I am starting my first Whole60 {I have completed six Whole30's}, preparation is always key. So, I made a list {I am a big list maker}, and found everything that I needed for the week.

I love getting the fresh eggs, and salads are always great too! Nothing smells better than fresh dill! I love adding it into tuna fish salads.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!
xo, Stephanie


Trader Joe's Haul

I love me some Trader Joe's! I also love going there and always trying new things! I cannot wait to try the crunchy Broccoli florets, and their spicy jalapeno chicken sausages!!

I always go there with a list of things I need, but always come out with a few extras! Have you tried their Chile Lime Chicken Burgers? They are the BEST! If you are a big smoothie lover like me, they have great prices on their frozen organic strawberries, and blueberries! STOCK UP!

xo, Stephanie


Blentec Giveaway on Instagram

Have you entered the Blendtec Giveaway on Instagram? Time is running out!

To kickoff our #healthywaysfor100days we've decided team up with Blendtec to give you a chance to win your very own Blendtec 625 along with a twister jar.
There are so many healthy things you can do with your blender other than make smoothies and we'll show you some this week. Whether it's making your own nut butters, soup, chopping veggies, making almond milk, ice cream, whatever... we'll have you covered.

To enter you must: 1. Tag a friend in the comments on Instagram and 2. Follow each account in the loop on Instagram (don't worry there's only 10 of us).


So get tagging and get tapping and get excited to kick off your #healthywaysfor100days with us.
Giveaway ends Thursday, May 7th at 6pm MST. Winner will be announced and notified by Friday, May 8th, 6pm MST. Open to US residents only. Must be 13 years or older to enter. This giveaway is not sponsored or endorsed by Instagram.

xo, Stephanie 


Healthy Ways for 100 Days

Summer is right around the corner, and let's be realistic doing a Whole30 around this time can be kind of hard. You are tempted with so many  fun things. BBQ's, concerts, weddings, ice cream, ice cream, and maybe margaritas. So, I am have teamed up with some awesome chicks to invite you to join us for #healthywaysfor100days challenge starting May 4th.

Who's in:

The best part of this 100 day challenge - you pick three to five healthy goals. You can do a Whole30, set a goal of 10,000 steps a day. You choose what works for you, and stick to it for 100 days.

My goals are:
  1. Breaking up with the scale
  2. At least 10,000 steps a day
  3. Complete a Whole30
  4. back to eating paleo - no gluten free cheats
  5. More Water
Get your family, coworkers, and friends involved! Keep yourself accountable by posting them on your Instagram, and keep your goals visible. Take a before and after picture! I love seeing my results from start to finish!

Use the hashtag #healthywaysfor100days to see what others are doing, and let's keep each other accountable!

Natalie @ Little Coconutty (photo credit)

Please stay updated by following all of us, for recipes, tips, and some amazing giveaways.

Keep track of your goals here with this awesome tracking sheet! bit.ly/1KyXHtU

xo, stephanie 

Smoothie Love | Green Superfoods

Good morning, and happy Friday! This morning I made green smoothie, and enjoyed it walking from the parking garage to work. Love getting my steps in for the day!

I just used what I had to make this awesome smoothie:
  • one cup coconut milk
  • one banana
  • one tablespoon maca poweder
  • frozen juiced kale cubes (post to follow on how to do this)
  • handful of pineapple

Blend everything together, and enjoy!
xo, stephanie
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