Tuna Stuff Peppers

When the weather is hot, sometimes all you want is something simple that doesn't require a lot of meal prep. Since I have extended my Whole30, to a Whole60, and now a Whole90 I am don't want to get bored with my meals either.

Tuna is something that I really enjoy, but you have to read your labels! Do you know most of your big tuna brands have soy, and fillers? I am glad I found Safe Catch! It's the only brand that tests every tuna for mercury levels. It has no additives, or fillers, and it's GMO Free.

Yesterday I made tuna stuff bell peppers! It was so good, and filling!

  • one can of Safe Catch Tuna check them out here
  • one tablespoon of Paleo mayo - I use Planks Love and Guacamole Mayo here
  • salt and pepper - just a dash of each
  • fresh dill
  • one bell pepper, cleaned
  1. Mix everything together, and let it sit in the fridge for about an hour
  2. Stuff bell pepper, and enjoy!

Simple sometimes is the best!
xo, Stephanie 

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