Why I am doing a Whole60

I started my Whole60 today. You know sixty days of eating the Whole30 way. I have been on the fence since my last Whole30 back in January on ever doing a Whole30 again. The last round, I had bad headaches, and super bad sugar cravings. It was rough. I didn't do it to drop any weight, I wanted to do a reset from the holidays. I only lost two pounds that round - which was fine.

Well, after reading everyone's comments on my seventh Whole30 post on Instagram, I decided to give it a go. People doing 45, 60, and 90 days sounds awesome, and inspiring. Also, I wanted to make my seventh Whole30 special. It's been two years since I started my first Whole30, and really wanted to try a longer round. Plus, I don't drink so that makes it even easier.

Another reason why I want to do a Whole60 - I think I need something more than thirty days. You know that saying "It takes 21 days for form a habit?" Well, I don't think that applies to myself. Maybe I need to go further, and form a better relationship with food. I fell hard off the Paleo wagon back around my birthday in March. It started with ice cream cake, and then it went downhill from there. I hate counting calories, I hate carbs, and eating this way works for me.

So, last night I meal prepped my ass off. I grilled chicken, diced fruit, and made stuff for salads, and side dishes. It took about three hours, but will make my Whole60 a lot easier. The key to stick to my goals is planning, lists, and prep.

My before photos are taken, and cannot wait to see the end result. Maybe I will even go ninety days!

xo, Stephanie 

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