Summer Living | Glamping

I am so excited to go on my first glamping trip this summer! My mom, and I are taking Charlotte and Jackson into the great outdoors! We won't be staying in a tent, but we have rented a cabin at Westmoreland State Park.

There are so many activities you can do in Virginia, and this location is perfect for the kids. They have over six miles of trails, boating, a swimming pool, and it's right on the Potomac River. They even offer early morning yoga.

Here's my little gem of a cabin that I will be staying in! I will be packing my Keurig, because COFFEE. 

Cannot wait to share more on my glamping trip!
xo, Stephanie 


Summer Living

It's official summer! That means relaxing in the sun, and enjoying life barefoot. This past weekend, I enjoyed fresh fruit from our local farmer's market, and an iced Americano.

If you are looking for the perfect pare of barefoot sandals, I really recommend checking out beekibeads here. She makes the best barefoot sandals, and you can save 15% on all orders over $20 using this code STARSANDSTRIPES.

I love my new Sun Bum sunscreen too! It's vegan, cruelty free, and goes on really well. I wear sunscreen all the time, and this doesn't leave your skin oily, and smells great! Don't forget to protect your eyes with a great pair of shades.

xo, Stephanie 

Farmer's Market Fun

Eating clean on a budget can be really easy. I only allow myself $30 in cash when going to our local farmer's market each week. Before going I make a list of meals we will eat during the week. I was buying lettuce, but now that I am growing it I don't have to worry about that. Plus I was the only one eating salads, so it would just go to waste.

We eat a lot of tomatoes and zucchini, they are perfect grilled! Charlotte and Jackson LOVE all the fresh fruits. I am a big fan of onions, and use them for almost all dinners. They are great grilled, or sautéed in avocado oil.

Planning ahead always keeps me on track, and it saves a lot of time during the week figuring out meals!

Support your local famer's market!
xo, Stephanie 


Whole 90 | Trader Joe's Cold Brew

Normally when I drink coffee, even if it's cold brew, I drink it black. BUT I decided to switch up my routine. I couldn't find Chameleon Cold Brew at Wegman's, so I picked up a bottle of Trader Joe's Cold Brew while there.

I wasn't disappointed with the Trader Joe's Cold Brew. I mean there isn't really anything that I haven't had at TJ's that was awful.

  • one cup cold brew
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 coconut milk (you can use your choice of dairy, I used canned coconut milk)
  • handful of ice cubes
Mix everything together, and enjoy! 

This is a perfect for those hot summer mornings when you aren't in the mood for hot coffee!

xo, Stephanie 


How does your garden grow?

This year I have decided to take a different approach with my garden. Last summer I only grew a few items in the ground, and the rest in containers. I am now growing so many things using pallets! I was able to pick up a couple of pallets from work last year, and now I am using them to grow so many things!

Right now I am growing lettuce, and peas in one. The other will be used for growing tomatoes, and peppers.

I was so excited for my first harvest from my garden! I am growing carrots right now with one of my green zebra tomato plants. Companion gardening is great, and my tomato plant has grown really well the with carrots.

  • spinach
  • carrots
  • variety of lettuce
  • peas - two types
  • green beans - two types
Can't wait to make an awesome salad with all my lettuce! Also, make sure you check out Eco Scraps for all your soil and fertilizer! If you are looking for NON GMO seeds, I buy all my seeds from Seeds Now.
xo, Stephanie 


Farmer's Market Fun

I am really excited to find peaches at our local farmer's market this past Sunday. I can't wait until they have watermelon, and hot peppers!

If you haven't tried the eight ball zucchini, I really recommend it! It's great grilled, and really good on top of hamburgers. You can also use it for your bunless burgers! I picked up a few other items to make salads, and grill.

Support your local farmer's market!
xo, Stephanie 

Whole90 Style | Bunless Meals

Summertime is for grilling hamburgers, and hot dogs. While doing a Whole30, eating Paleo, or low carb, you can still enjoy your favorite summer meals. I just opt for no bun, and no cheese. I just add more lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. I really recommend grilling an eight ball zucchini, and using it as your "bun" - it's the perfect size of a hamburger bun too!

If you are looking for a great Whole30/Paleo hot dog, I really recommend Applegate's beef hot dogs. I found them at Target, Trader Joe's, and Wegman's!
You don't have to cut out your favorite foods to eat healthy!
xo, Stephanie 


Gym Flow | Leg Day

All the squats, deadlifts, and lunges are paying off!! Finally seeing some progress in my bum!

Last nights workout was killer; I could barely walk leaving the gym.

Here's the workout:
  • deadlifts (20x4)
  • weighted walking lunges (80)
  • calve raises (20x4)
  • leg curls (3x15)
  • leg extensions (3x15)
  • leg press (4x12)
  • weighted back squats using the barbell (4x15)
  • stairmaster (30 minutes) with ankle weights

If you hate cardio, but are looking for a great butt workout, I really really recommend the stairmaster. I also really recommend ankle weights. They are great when you are doing kickbacks climbing stairs.

Having a Fitbit really keeps me moving, and tracking my water. If you have a Fitbit, we should be friends to motivate each other! You can find me on Fitbit here: www.fitbit.com/user/33HXDC
Stay sweaty!
xo, Stephanie

Whole90 Style | Snacks

I have been searching all over for the lemon LARABAR! After looking at all my go-to stores, I decided to buy a box from Vitacost. If you haven't heard of them, you need to check them out! They have awesome items, and great prices, and very fast shipping.

Yesterday I really needed a strong cup of coffee, and a really good snack. I am glad we have a Starbucks at work, because I was dying for a grande quad Americano. Instead of the normal three shots, I always get the extra. You know - caffeine. I don't add anything to my coffee, and prefer to drink it black - no room for cream.

I don't like to snack to often on Whole30's, but sometimes you just need something at 3pm. Also, watch your ingredients when buying LARABARS. Not all of them are Whole30 approved.

If you are looking to shop Vitacost, you can save $10 on your first order using this link: http://goo.gl/SH6Sp7.

xo, Stephanie 


Gym Flow | Arm Day & Core

I really didn't like arm day, but I am starting to enjoy it! Going to the gym at night is the best. Nobody is there, and you don't have to wait around for weights or equipment.

  • kettle bell swings (10x4)
  • partner Russian twists (20)
  • mountain climbers on gliding disc (1 minute)
  • barbell curls (3x15)
  • barbell back to front curls (3x15)
  • treadmill - high cline and sprints
I really killed my step goal yesterday, and stayed hydrated too. Sometimes it's hard staying on track with steps, and drinking a gallon of water, but it's worth it.

Stay sweaty!
xo, Stephanie 


Gym Flow | Leg Day

Love starting the week off right with leg day! Last night I went to the gym, and added a few new workouts. I am really starting to love deadlifts, but I have a few bruises! Lunges are seriously no joke, but I can really feel it the next day!

  • leg press (3x10)
  • adductor inner thigh (3x12)
  • outer thigh (3x12)
  • barbell walking lunges (80)
  • barbell deadlifts (3x20)
  • weighted squats with barbell (10x3)
  • calve raises (25)
  • stair master

I finished my workout hydrating in the sauna for 10 minutes.

I am staying with my goal of reaching 10,000 steps a day. I am really thinking about increasing my daily goal from 10,000 to 15,000. I have been reaching 10,000 steps a day, but the weekends are difficult for me to reach my goal. When I am at work, I can walk during lunch, and to and from my car. I am always moving at work, but the weekends I really want to relax!

If you are looking for great workout clothing, I really recommend Target! They have great motivational tee shirts, and great leggings!
Stay sweaty!
xo, Stephanie


Whole90 Style | BAE

This is one meal that will never get old - bacon and eggs. It's high in protein, filling, and I could eat it for breakfast lunch or dinner. I really like my eggs runny, and dipping them into avocado, and topping it with a piece of bacon. So. GOOD.

Simple is always the best.
xo, Stephanie 

Target Haul | La Croix

When Target has La Croix water on sale - you stock up!

I am a big fan of drinking La Croix, and their water comes in so many flavors! I found La Croix two years ago when doing my first Whole30, and fell in love. They didn't have all the flavors they have now, but coconut is probably my favorite.

If you are looking to quit soda, this is the perfect alternative. I stopped drinking soda two years ago, and will never go back!

xo, Stephanie 

Weekend Recap | Hiking

This weekend the weather was perfect! I took the kids hiking at Government Island. This is a great place for taking your kids, walking your dogs, and going trail running. The park is always busy, and the views are great!

Jackson even enjoyed some of my kombucha, and LOVED it!
It's great staying active with Charlotte, and Jackson. They love to go for walks and explore nature.
xo, Stephanie 


Gym Flow | Arm Day & Core

Last night was another great day at the gym! Switching up my routine every time I go to the gym, so I am not getting used to the same workouts.

Here's what I did last night:
  • kettle bell swings (3x15)
  • kettle bell planks (3x20)
  • partner medball Russian twists (20)
  • mountain climbers using disc gliders (3 x 30 seconds each)
  • barbell curls (3x10)
  • barbell back to front press (3x10)
  • stair master with ankle weights
I really recommend getting ankle weights! They are a great workout when you are on the stair master! It's a really good workout when you are doing kick backs - it's great for your bum!

I am really over all this rain in Northern Virginia! It's really messing with my run schedule, and I am not a fan of the treadmill. I hope the sun comes out, so I can get back to running outside!


Stay sweaty!
xo, Stephanie 

Whole90 Style | Snacks

Snacking isn't really something you should be doing all the time while doing a Whole30, but sometimes you just need it. I am a big fan of LARABAR's. They are simple on the go snacks, and you can find a few that are Whole30 compliant. One of my favorite flavors is Cashew Cookie. They are also GMO free - which is a big plus.

Always prepared with snacks!
xo, Stephanie 


Gym Flow | Leg Day

Another great workout last night at the gym! Lots of squats, and lots of lunges! I was so sore this morning, I had to roll off the bed! My quads are on fire! I also foam rolled for the first time last night, and absolutely loved it.

  • deadlift (3x15)
  • squat jumps (3x15)
  • weighted walking lunges (80)
  • barbell squats (3x10)
  • high incline walking (18 incline 3.1 speed) 20 minutes
  • weighted kickbacks (35)
  • burpees (10)
Squat jumps are my new jam. I also reached my step goal, and stayed really hydrated!
Stay sweaty!
xo, Stephanie


Whole 90 Style | Zoodles

Zoodles are the best! Last night was spaghetti night, and while the family enjoyed the non-Paleo version, I had a huge bowl of zoodles with meat sauce.

It's so simple to make too! All you need is a zucchini, zoodler (Amazon has a nice selection to choose from) and your favorite meat sauce. I use a no sugar added pasta sauce that's Whole30 approved.

I love making meals that don't require a lot of meal prep, and I can have leftovers for lunch!

xo, Stephanie 


Gym Flow | Arms & Core

I went to the gym two days in a ROW! WHAT! I'm on a roll. Last night I worked arms, and core. It's great going to the gym with someone, because I am a lot more motivated. Plus, it's great to learn a new routine. I really want to be able to do a pull up on my own by the end of the summer - goals.

I wish I pushed my self a little harder with my steps, but the weather was nasty in Virginia.

Here's what I did last night:
  • lat pulls (3x12)
  • face pulls (3x12)
  • assisted pull ups (3x10)
  • cable curls (3x12)
  • partner medball sit up throws (50)
  • partner medball Russian twists (50)
  • bosu pushups (3x10)
  • planks
  • stair master (30 minutes)


I absolutely love the stair master! It's a great workout to achieve that perfect butt, and you get really sweaty! I am staying hydrated and drinking a gallon a day with my KOR Water bottle! Check them out here!

Stay sweaty!
xo, Stephanie

Clean Eats | Whole90 Style

Sometimes you have to switch up your breakfast routine. This morning I made a fresh fruit bowl. It was full of mango, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, and kiwi. Can't go wrong with fresh fruit!

It's also a plus when you nail polish matches your food!
xo, Stephanie 

Clean Eats | Whole90 Style

I haven't been eating a lot of red meat, but I do enjoy a steak every so often.

Sometimes I even save a piece for a perfect steak and eggs breakfast. I really enjoy bacon and eggs, but finding the perfect no sugar added bacon can be hard. Plus, steak and eggs is just as good!

My Whole90 has been going really well too. I thought it would be hard, but it's actually going better since my last Whole30 round!

xo, Stephanie 


Gym Flow

Finally got back into my gym routine last night after taking a break, and it felt really good. I am back to doing my old workout routine. Leg days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - this schedule works great for me.

  • leg press (3x12)
  • leg curls (3x12)
  • inner/outer thighs (3x12 each side) 
  • weighted squats (3x10)
  • weighted walking lunges (100)
  • deadlifts (3x12)
  • high incline walking on the treadmill (10 minutes)
  • stair master (30 minutes)

I have been reaching my 10,000 a day step goal, and drinking a gallon of water a day too!

Follow me on my Fitbit journey here!
xo, Stephanie


Farmer's Market Fun

We love our Sunday's at North Stafford Farmer's Market! It's our Sunday morning routine, and the kids love going. Charlotte loves pushing her shopping cart, and picking up all the fresh veggies - she loves fresh tomatoes!

I like trying new things, and each time we go there's always something new. I picked up some red sorrel to add to my salads - it's so good! It has a citrusy taste, and I bet it would be good sautéed! I also picked up some pickling cucumbers, dill, and garlic to make pickles!

Support your local farmer's market!!
xo, Stephanie


This weekend I started more planting in my garden. Right now I have tomatoes, carrots, spinach, watermelon, a variety of squashes, green beans, tons of lettuce, and I started some more veggies two weeks ago. Right now they are tiny spouts, so I am trying to get everything organized. My sunflowers are almost four fee tall, and I cannot wait for my zinnias to start blooming! I love this time of year, and gardening is so relaxing!

Have you checked out Ecoscraps? I love using Ecoscraps soil and fertilizer, you can find this at Target! They are organic, and have a great story you can check out here!

xo, Stephanie