Gym Flow | Arm Day & Core

Last night was another great day at the gym! Switching up my routine every time I go to the gym, so I am not getting used to the same workouts.

Here's what I did last night:
  • kettle bell swings (3x15)
  • kettle bell planks (3x20)
  • partner medball Russian twists (20)
  • mountain climbers using disc gliders (3 x 30 seconds each)
  • barbell curls (3x10)
  • barbell back to front press (3x10)
  • stair master with ankle weights
I really recommend getting ankle weights! They are a great workout when you are on the stair master! It's a really good workout when you are doing kick backs - it's great for your bum!

I am really over all this rain in Northern Virginia! It's really messing with my run schedule, and I am not a fan of the treadmill. I hope the sun comes out, so I can get back to running outside!


Stay sweaty!
xo, Stephanie 

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