Gym Flow | Arms & Core

I went to the gym two days in a ROW! WHAT! I'm on a roll. Last night I worked arms, and core. It's great going to the gym with someone, because I am a lot more motivated. Plus, it's great to learn a new routine. I really want to be able to do a pull up on my own by the end of the summer - goals.

I wish I pushed my self a little harder with my steps, but the weather was nasty in Virginia.

Here's what I did last night:
  • lat pulls (3x12)
  • face pulls (3x12)
  • assisted pull ups (3x10)
  • cable curls (3x12)
  • partner medball sit up throws (50)
  • partner medball Russian twists (50)
  • bosu pushups (3x10)
  • planks
  • stair master (30 minutes)


I absolutely love the stair master! It's a great workout to achieve that perfect butt, and you get really sweaty! I am staying hydrated and drinking a gallon a day with my KOR Water bottle! Check them out here!

Stay sweaty!
xo, Stephanie

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