Gym Flow | Leg Day

All the squats, deadlifts, and lunges are paying off!! Finally seeing some progress in my bum!

Last nights workout was killer; I could barely walk leaving the gym.

Here's the workout:
  • deadlifts (20x4)
  • weighted walking lunges (80)
  • calve raises (20x4)
  • leg curls (3x15)
  • leg extensions (3x15)
  • leg press (4x12)
  • weighted back squats using the barbell (4x15)
  • stairmaster (30 minutes) with ankle weights

If you hate cardio, but are looking for a great butt workout, I really really recommend the stairmaster. I also really recommend ankle weights. They are great when you are doing kickbacks climbing stairs.

Having a Fitbit really keeps me moving, and tracking my water. If you have a Fitbit, we should be friends to motivate each other! You can find me on Fitbit here: www.fitbit.com/user/33HXDC
Stay sweaty!
xo, Stephanie

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