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I have been searching all over for the lemon LARABAR! After looking at all my go-to stores, I decided to buy a box from Vitacost. If you haven't heard of them, you need to check them out! They have awesome items, and great prices, and very fast shipping.

Yesterday I really needed a strong cup of coffee, and a really good snack. I am glad we have a Starbucks at work, because I was dying for a grande quad Americano. Instead of the normal three shots, I always get the extra. You know - caffeine. I don't add anything to my coffee, and prefer to drink it black - no room for cream.

I don't like to snack to often on Whole30's, but sometimes you just need something at 3pm. Also, watch your ingredients when buying LARABARS. Not all of them are Whole30 approved.

If you are looking to shop Vitacost, you can save $10 on your first order using this link: http://goo.gl/SH6Sp7.

xo, Stephanie 

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