Costco Haul

Costco offers A LOT of healthy options. You don't have to eat Paleo either. They offer a lot of organic, gluten free, and I am seeing more and more NON-GMO verified items too. The prices are really reasonable. I buy all my organic chicken, and ground beef from Costco, and just freeze what we don't use. They have really good prices on  Kerrygold butter, and organic eggs.
I am glad they are offering more, and more organic fruits and veggies. The past few times I have gone the organic bananas haven't been the best, but they are about $2 for a three pound bag. You can also freeze bananas if you don't eat them that fast, and use them in smoothies.

I am a big fan of the avocado oil! We use that to cook with everything, and it makes a great salad dressing too! If you are looking for a Whole30 no sugar added pasta sauce I really recommend the Paesana tomato basil pasta sauce! Also, the prosciutto is a great alternative to bacon while doing a Whole30 if you cannot find a compliant bacon.

Eating healthy shouldn't cost a fortune!
xo, Stephanie 

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