Farmer's Market Fun

It has been a crazy couple of weeks! I haven't been able to blog that much, or keep up with a lot of things. We haven't been doing a lot of cooking since we were getting our house on the market to sell. Meals have been really simple like tuna fish, grilled chicken, and lots of scrambled eggs. Meals have been really boring to post! Now that our house is on the market, I am back to cooking!


I went to our local farmer's market for a few things that I needed. It wasn't much, since I still have some stuff left over from the last trip. I really love the peaches, and plums from one of the stands. Nothing compares to fresh fruit, it doesn't taste like the stuff you buy at the grocery store! Charlotte always requests fresh flowers, even though we have our own growing. Fresh flowers are always the best! All of this was $19!
Support your local farmer's market!
xo, Stephanie 

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  1. I'm going to Italy in few days and I can't wait to eat again fresh fruits. Here in Doha is hard to find good quality without spending a chanel bag amount!