Summer Living | Glamping Westmoreland State Park

If you haven't had the chance, I really recommend going camping. It was a great way to unplug, and regroup! We didn't camp in a tent, but a cabin. The cabin had no TV, just running water, a stove, fridge, and a bathroom. The best part was the screened in porch with rocking chairs. Waking up each morning, and drinking coffee was really nice.

We went on hikes each day - Westmoreland State Park even encouraged getting your 10,000 steps a day with Hiking for your Health.

The park was beautiful, and so many things to do as a family! We even went up and down the stairs a few times!

Even though it rained, we stayed as active as we could. Westmoreland State Park had tons of fresh berries to pick, and the kids loved it!
It wasn't hard eating Whole30 approved meals here either. It was actually really easy! Grilling was the best! I just grilled a lot of chicken at once to have for meals during the day, and dinner.

If you ever get the chance, you should travel Virginia. There are so many fun activities to do with the kids, and get out and walk! I can't wait for us to go on our next mini summer trip!
xo, Stephanie 


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  1. Looks so fun! We don't live too far from westmoreland state park but have never been! We have gone to westmoreland berry farm to pick blueberries and feed the goats :) really love your blog and Instagram! Lots
    of whole 30 inspiration and it's become my "go-to" for meal planning :)