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I love going on road trips, and I am always prepared with snacks. Always.

If you haven't tried kombucha yet, I really recommend it! Since I can't have smoothies during my Whole90, I have been drinking more kombucha. One of my favorite brands is Synergy Drinks GT Kombucha. They have so many flavors, and I can't pick just one favorite.

Kombucha is great to drink, and there are so many benefits.
  • detoxes
  • great for you mood
  • digestion
  • probiotics
  • energy

I am also a big fan of mango - everything. The Trader Joe's freeze dried mango slices are really great to snack on, and the kids love them!

I know sometimes you want to grab a bag of chips on road trips, but snacking can be healthy!

xo, Stephanie 

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