Whole90 Style | Breakfast

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals. Eggs over easy is the best, and it's so simple. I could really eat it for lunch or dinner too! One of my favorite Whole30 meals is eggs over easy with a side of chorizo, and a cup of black coffee. 

My Whole90 is going really well. Some days I get bored with eating a lot of meat, and then just settle for fruit, and a really big salad. This Whole90 challenge actually going by really fast. I feel like having all the fresh summer fruits, and veggies really helps too!

Eating a high protein diet keeps me really full, and I am starting to get past the 3pm snack time.

xo, Stephanie 


  1. Yum! I love eggs and chorizo, but I like to add some veggies to my breakfast these days too! Sauteed spinach would be great with this!

    1. Thanks! That sounds wonderful! Maybe I will make a veggie scramble tomorrow for breakfast! Have a great day!! -Steph