Hiking Virginia | Crabtree Falls

Virginia is SUCH an awesome state to live in. It's absolutely gorgeous, and you can go to so many wonderful places to hike.

I am adding a new "thing" to my list of things I enjoy - Hiking Virginia. I am making a list of places I want to hike in the state I live in! Last weekend a friend and I went hiking at Crabtree Falls. I had zero problem setting my alarm for 4am on a Saturday morning to hike this trail.

Crabtree Falls located in George Washington National Forest has the tallest waterfall in Virginia - and it was beautiful. There are so many points during the hike that you can see it. The total hike is 13.9 miles, but we only did the 3.8. You can also hike the Appalachian Trail from the upper waterfall. Cannot wait to go back and hike the whole trail!






The trail is a level 2, but it is very rocky. I would come prepared with a backpack, water, and snacks. Also, this trail is dog and kid friendly. I saw a lot of people hiking with their kids (toddler ages), and with their dogs. 
Already planning another hike!
xo, Stephanie

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  1. Never been there, but looks fun! I will have to add it to my list! I am always looking for fun and inexpensive day trips. I just googled Crabtree Falls so I could look up where it is, and an article came up that someone else had died trying to climb the falls. Awful. :(