Trader Joe's Haul

I love spending my Friday nights cruising the local Trader Joe's store. It's like a mini vacation! I am always finding new things to try! I picked up a pack of sparkling water, and a pack of their shishito peppers that I cannot wait to try!

I bought extra bananas so I can freeze them for my smoothies. Frozen bananas are a great time saver when you need them to add to your smoothies! Also, their frozen turkey burgers are amazing! They are so quick to make, and they are a lifesaver for when you don't feel like making a big dinner. Which I feel like has been our summer lately! I haven't been making a lot of big meals, and we really haven't grilled that much. Since we are selling our house, we always have to have it "show ready," so meals have been quick just in case we have to leave for a showing! I am glad I have found a lot of quick meal options, and keeping it Paleo/Whole30 approved. Cannot wait to get back into our "normal" routine once the house is officially sold!

What are your favorite quick, and easy meal options?
xo, Stephanie

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  1. I just started making smoothie packs a part of my weekly meal prep that way I can save time on the prepping and clean up!